Friday, 13 January 2012

Competition Winner

I ran a little competition on my FB page last week, if I got 400 likes I would give away a 3m length of bunting.

Well, I made, and surpassed the 400 mark.  This is what I made Emily, my randomly picked winner x

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Market Stalls

Went to St Albans market this morning, my friend has told me that there are fabric stall, well there is one chap, he is fantastic.  Got a few half metres, fine cord in red and blue and a pink/cream and black tartan type pattern  ... hang on will take a  pic

Hmm not a great pic but you get the idea xxx

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Bunting, Bunting, Bunting!

Wow, I managed to get to the shops, buy the fabric and make the orange bunting today, it's now all packed up ready to go tomorrow, I amaze myself sometimes lol  I also put a little orange rosebud on each orange flag, just thought it finished it off.

The piccie is not very good as it was a bit gloomy today x

I ran a prize draw on my facebook page, a winner was picked randomly from "likes" and the pize was a 3m string of bunting.  A lovely lady won and I just waiting on her fabric so I can make her bunting ... butterflies and flowers, hope she likes it!

Also am still working on Sharon's orders, these are coming along well, amd tackling the backpack at the moment, I thought it would be a little daunting, but so far, so good!  Hope it does not all crumble around me now lol  I am using a tut from U Handbag just love Lisa Lam's site.  When its completed I will post some pics.

Well, it's well past my bedtime now and so before I nod off on here I am off

nite nite all

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Busy and Loving It!

Busy making up orders for Sharon, the bunting is complete and the luscious red purse, working on the mini backpack now then the beach bag ... although had my FIRST order through my facebook page last night, for bunting, need to fit it in as they need it by next Monday!!!  Oh no, fabric shopping again lol

Well here is the bunting and the purse for starters xxx

Two 3m lengths of jungle bunting, just love this!

Inside zipper compartment and 6 card slots

A little charm

And a pretty button to finish

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