Saturday, 21 May 2011


Good Morning ... off to Lakeside today with my sister and mum and Emma.  Leaving the boys at home for a model painting day...

I have a few more orders coming in, this is great ... am working on the bag orders at the mo, half way through the penguins and also made a last minute purse request, has to be the best one yet as well!

Will hopefully get the penguins finished tonight, then I can get on with the other two ... I am sew enjoying this (sorry, had to be done lol)


Tuesday, 17 May 2011

New Facebook Page

Wow, really getting sorted, I think, now also have a new facebook page

Sewn To Be Treasured

Just need to make some goodies now lol



I have got really fed up with our bedroom curtains being pulled down as they were too long and right next to the bed, so I took them down, washed them and took a pair of scissors to them ... They are now down to the window sill with no fear of being pulled down x

Another good thing, it has left me with the offcuts of fabric, which I can now make into other wonderful things lol


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