Friday, 13 May 2011

Ok, here we go ... again!

Welcome, I have taken on something new ... sewing, and I love it.  I love all the beautful fabrics and embelishments and creating something from nothing more than a square of fabric and some cotton!

I have made a few items so far, some coin purses and purses with keyfobs.  I am, at the moment, making a bag for my friend's daughter to give a gift.  When it's finished I will post some pics.

I made a pretty red floral coin purse for my daughter's friends birthday and a small book bag in blue with red poppies for another of her friends birthdays.  I also have some orders for some more bags!

I am aiming at making baby nappy changing bags and accessories which I will, hopefully, be able to sell.

Here are some pics I have at the moment, some of them are not great as the camera gave up, so were using the webcam, but have since discovered that the phone takes pretty good pics!

Wow, think we are up to date for now!

See you again soon

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