Saturday, 23 October 2010

Saturday Night - JUST lol

I gave my sister the art deco cards I made for her, she was over the moon.  I love it when my cards are so well received!

Went off to Lakeside shopping today with my Mum and my sister.  Spent 8 hours looking round the shops and visiting The Range.  Managed to get some bits for Christmas, so that was good, also managed to pick up some rather pretty flowers from The Works.  My sister has asked me to make some money wallets, so need to add them to the list ... the list of To Dos is growing, so need to get crafty very soon.

Will upload some pics as soon as I have some new bits to show you.

I am seriously considering a die cutting machine, the Cricut is favourite at the mo, was looking at the expression but think I might start with the Create and see how I get on, funds will have to allow first tho lol.  Any opinions?


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